Rich and delightful strawberry-vodka jam

Strawberry-Vodka Jam sounds decadent and tipsy, but really it’s just a fantastically rich-tasting strawberry jam with very little added sugar and a deep, smooth, fruity flavor. The (admittedly quite small amount of) alcohol burns off, and one would assume that the balsamic vinegar would add an acidic punch, but it really doesn’t; all of the flavors meld to create a rich and delectable flavor.

Start with about 2-3 cups of hulled and halved strawberries, and 1 cup of sugar. The berries don’t need to chopped finely or diced perfectly, just a rough chop should do fine because the berries will cook down a lot.  Once the berries start to soften, add a teaspoon of balsamic vinegar and 2 teaspoons of vodka.

Boil rapidly for about 20-30 minutes or until the mixture starts to gel. You can use the old frozen plate test, but this starts to cling to your mixing spoon and the sides of the pot as it solidifies, so a test might not even be necessary.

Ladle into hot, sterilized jars and seal in a hot water bath for about 20 minutes. This recipe yields about five 8-oz. jars.


11 thoughts on “Rich and delightful strawberry-vodka jam

  1. I am all ready to go with this – it sounds fantastic! But, it looks like I am missing a bit of liquid. Do I need to add any water or juice to the berry/sugar mixture in the pot? (other than the BV and vodka, of course)


    • Nope! I know it seems like there won’t be enough liquid, but that sugar and balsamic does a number on the berries and gets them to give up all of their sweet, sweet juices. Trust me! 🙂


  2. Hi there! Just tried this and it is super tasty! I did, however, only yield 2 8-oz jars. Did I goof on something? Thanks!


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