TBT: My first recipe video!

You might recall this summer, I participated in a contest for Del Real Foods. I created several recipes: Fast and Easy Chicken Tortilla Soup, Fresh and Easy Pork Pozole (which is really just a variation of my slow-cooked favorite chicken pozole), and Barbacoa Bao Bun Tacos.

Well, although I didn’t technically win the contest, I got to travel to Los Angeles to make a video for the Chipotle Chicken Tortilla Soup!

chipotle chicken tortilla soup

This is really very exciting. This is a great, easy recipe that anyone can make. I’m glad the Del Real Foods family enjoyed it as much as my family did when I made it. And I had never made a recipe video before!

It was a beautiful week in August, I got to take the train up from San Diego …

Hi, Mom!

Hi, Mom!

… I got to play the tourist around Little Armenia …


… and hit up Koreatown for some amazing cold noodles and bulgogi.

cold noodles


Once I arrived at the amazing set (a big, fancy mansion in the Hollywood Hills), I learned so much about food art and plating. Even the ingredients look pretty!

pre-video setup

I had a wonderful time getting hair and makeup done, and taking my “chef shot” photos:

chef shot

And, of course, actually working in front of the camera with Liz from Del Real Foods and the wonderful crew.

video 1

video 2

with Liz

So if you haven’t had a chance yet, check out my fabulous video!

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