There’s a new Booch in town

There’s a new booch in town!

As you all know, I am a huge fan of kombucha. It has amazing health benefits – especially for the guts of sugar-loving Americans. Those sugary, processed foods we eat every day do a number to our guts and their internal flora, which can lead to all sorts of health problems.

I love storebought types (especially GT’s or Boochcraft, which is both a healthy probiotic and packs the alcohol content of a good craft IPA), and I love to make the low-alcohol version at home.


The Starbright’s Kitchen “fermentation station” of homemade kombucha.


This past month, I went to the Mission Valley Craft Beer and Food Festival, an awesome annual event at Qualcomm Stadium’s practice field where a flat entry fee gets you all the beer and food samples you can stuff into your face within a few hours.



Needless to say, I worked hard to get my money’s worth.

One of the tastiest samples we had there was a new one: Babe Kombucha. We had several tastes of the Moroccan Mint flavor, and my boyfriend and I really loved it.



A lot of people are turned off by the slightly … shall we say, funky … aftertaste that kombucha often has.  The fermentation process uses a culture of yeast and bacteria called a SCOBY, which is similar to a vinegar mother and often imparts a slightly vinegary taste into the tea as it ferments into kombucha.

I have a lot of friends who love alcohol and other fermented beverages but don’t like that “extra something” in kombucha. I think even those people would love Babe’s milder flavors.



Babe Kombuchas have very mild flavors, and if you didn’t know it was kombucha, you’d never know it was kombucha. I think my favorite flavors are the Moroccan Mint and the Cali Gold (very citrusy and peachy) – although the blueberry is very good – just a little too sweet for my taste.

Babe offers a great deal for local kombucha fans – they’ll deliver within San Diego for free, and it’s only $20 for two 32-oz. growlers of your favorite flavor! I really enjoyed getting an easy delivery of some freshly-made booch.

Follow Babe Kombucha on Facebook (click here) or Instagram, and check out all of their refreshing flavors.


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