My Story

Starbright‘s Adventure

Hi! I’m Hillary Starbright, and I’ve been on the road since I was given 2-3 years left to live. I’ve got a great RV, Dolly, and sometimes my friends join me, too.

I used to work as a paralegal and as a newspaper reporter. I had a fun food blog in San Diego.

It was always my dream to retire in an RV and see the country – I just have to do it in my 40s instead. Now my food blog is a travel blog.

I thought I had beaten cancer. But the backaches I had felt were big tumors in my spine, breaking my bones. I was hospitalized for 8 days.

My back is healing, my tumors are shrinking, and my pain has become less and less every day. I take advantage of every good day, and I’ll never take my pain-free life for granted again.

I’m gonna keep going til the wheels fall off (maybe literally).

Most of my time is spent on the road, traveling between between doctor’s visits and family. Catch me and Dolly out on the road a lot between San Diego and Tennessee.

Thanks for reading my story, I hope you enjoy it.

I’ve been so many places already, and seen so many friends … it will only get better from here …

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